16 coronavirus samples tested and found negative in Udaipur

When the entire country in under complete lockdown, Udaipur Administration is doing its best to fight the deadly coronavirus from spreading further in the city. The lockdown is being practised in the city effectively and sincerely to a fair extent.

Apart from a few instances of panic and rush, the day-1 of complete lockdown went by well.

As per the latest reports from the MB Hospital as on March 26, 16 samples were tested in Udaipur and none of them came out to be positive for coronavirus. All the patients whose blood samples were tested have been discharged from the hospital. They have been instructed to stay in isolation. A Rapid Action Team formed to deal with coronavirus will be monitoring them for the next few days.

Out of the 16 patients tested in Udaipur, 9 are from Sirohi, 1 is from Rajsamand, 1 from Pratapgarh and one was from Udaipur. All of them will have to be home quarantined for 14 days and then will be under surveillance for another 14 days.

The Chief Medical Health Officer (CMHO) at the MB Hospital, Dr Dinesh Kharade informed that 269 people who were in contact with the suspects are also being monitored. Besides, another 297 cases are under surveillance.

The Medical Officer also informed that the Primary Health Centre (PHC) and Community Health Centre (CHC) and the Child and Women Speciality Centres at MB Hospital will be operational from 9 AM to 3PM.