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Whats with the Colored Pants this season

Experimentation with style has always been a keen interest among all the youngsters to look trendiest in their own ways.

No matter what our jawaan khoons want the best in their looks as well as the style. The one who is trendier stands out in the crowd and is the most noticed one too. Various outfits are being introduced every season to match up the same.

Today, bringing to you one more ishtyle, in fashion, the much in demand colored pants/jeans. These are a huge trend for springs. Whether being a common man or a superstar, from catwalks to the crosswalks, everyone’s showing themselves up with these quirky, phatak pants which are showing no sign of disappearing any time soon.

Coloured pants

A revolutionary monopoly of the so called jeans- the denim blue, washed-out stone wash, black, white and basic has gone with the entry of these dashing colored pants/jeans. The designers have been successful in spacing up a must place for these vibrantly hued pants/jeans in almost everyone’s wardrobes.

The most captivating thing about these ghabas is being a unisex outwear which increases its liquidity among both kanyas and kunwars. They can really pull up your outfit creation skills and add on to your personality.

For Girls, the jeans/pants are usually slim and brightly colored.

  • If you are not confident about your matching skills, initiate with a bright blue or dark magenta (closest to jeans colors) for easy pairing.
  • Never ever pair bright colors pants with equally bright colored top, whether being the same or completely different one, unless you want to look like you ‘ve stepped straight out from the disco dancer wala era (esp. 80’s) or clown car.
  • Try to complete the guise with earth-toned (colors of nature) accessories and shoes.


Guys, it’s really easy for you to pair up dresses in compare to the girls color combinations.

  • Simply, a neutral tee under a dark trouser or cotton button-down will complete your outfit.
  • Avoid matching up your shirt to your pants or the look will totally fad off.

Colored Pant

Here are some of the basic dos and don’ts for all the youths who aspire to wear these vibrant pants/jeans:

  • The best way to pair up the pants is to wear ‘em with neutral shirts/tees like black, white, grey etc.
  • Simply avoid heavily printed shirts/tee. Use accessories like a watch or a bracelet in a bright color that jell up with your outfit.
  • You can try bleached out colors too such as yellow that suits well red sneakers.
  • A big warning: Restrict yourself from pairing bold/bright color combinations of pants and tops.
  • Red and maroon can be matched up with blue or white.
  • Funky angular glares or clear frames can be accessorized too.
  • Likewise, they can be worn with boots, sneakers and even chinos.
  • Eventually, it’s all about your comfort and fitness, so it is absolutely not necessary to go for skinnies. But, be sure your pants fit well else bulging ones would be a big no.

So, all the lads and the ladies, blow off your hesitation, go for these sexy colorful pants this summer and tear the roof off before they go passé coz fashion never waits for anyone.