Born To Dance – Sumit Lekhari (SADA – Sumit’s Academy of Dance Arts)

“Some are born great while other achieve greatness.” Facing every challenging phase with dedication and never giving up the spirit has always been the attitude of Mr.Sumit Lekhari, founder of SADA – Sumit’s Academy of Dance Arts. His entire struggle has got him to this level of perfection and has concluded him from labour to a choreographer. When the team of UdaipurBlog met him during his dance classes, it was an amazing experience for us to watch everyone going with the flow of beats. And, a conversation about his life and achievements came up this way:

How did you kick started with your journey as a choreographer?

sumit lekhari Udaipur

Genuinely speaking, I never wanted to be a dancer as I didn’t like dancing much. But one fine day working as a labour at optical factory an accident happened & it changed the whole story. While lying on the bed pessimistically, I came across Hrithik Roshan’s story, journey of his struggle with physical problems and how he overcame from them through Dance. Being a fanatic, passionate & enthusiast, I started following dance culture. The appreciation after every performance was really a booster and worked as an encouragement & aspiration. From that moment I knew that I was born to be a dancer and later respectively choreographer.

Did you receive family support in respect to your stream?

Not really!! Issues with family have always been there because of some personal choices. Previously, my family wanted me to do 9 to 5 job to get financial support. But, I don’t blame them as at that point of time dance was not socially accepted then.

Who is your dancing idol and how that person has inspired you?

Hrithik Roshan, enormously influenced by him and still looking up to him. His attitude of never giving up made him a dancing idol and self-driven.

What are the best moments that you still remember as dance teacher so far?

SADA-sumit's academy of dance arts

I would like to answer this question with Napoleon Hills quote “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”  There have been so many great moments, and I feel so blessed every day but to mention one there was a time when I was struggling and constantly running out of money. During those days I was up to an assignment where I had to pick up my students from their home to dance class and again to their home for 1 month 40 km every day and eventually we ended up winning 1st prize. It was an absolute challenge yet one of the best moments so far. Lekin aaj meri SADA (dance academy) par 2 buses hai jo sainkdo bacchon ko lane le jane ka kaam karti hai.

According to an estimate, how much money do choreographers make compared to a stable job?

Dance is one of the most competitive fields when it comes to strong financial security. It is not like any other government job where you can get equal and satisfactory wages whether you are good or bad. If you are good enough and technically sound, well disciplined, loyal to the routine than nothing can stop you from making enough money.

What is the most challenging part that you face in your profession?

sumit lekhari sada choreographer

In the beginning, financial problems were the biggest challenge. As I mentioned earlier dance was not socially, and financially stable stream to pursue to change that perception of aspiring and potential dancers was the biggest challenge I have ever faced, and I am still trying to figure out. “Ke bhai gyan loge to hi gyan doge, agyani hoke to agyan hi batoge na or dusro ko galat misaal pesh kroge ki dance main kuch nhi rakha.”

Except dancing what you like most?

I consider myself workaholic and visionary. When I am not dancing, I tend to drag plots of positive things and constructive ways in mind. I love reading materialistic work and cultural diversities, and it helps me to develop my artistic instinct.

What advice would you offer if someone wants to consider your field of dance as a career?

  • Work hard
  • Never stop learning or questioning.

One more piece of advice I would like to offer is that dance is an expression of who you really are? So never pretend and keep it real.  “Accha dancer banne se pehle accha insaan bano.

What are your goals for your academy SADA?

SADA has its own distinct and definite objectives

  • Ideas are to create productive and inventiveness environment for aspiring students.
  • To make every student self- sufficient.
  • Develops positive moral conscience/ ethics and discipline.
  • Revolution in dance with legitimate strategy
  • We advocates and avid to support contemporary youth arts like Parkour run, BMX, Beat Boxing, Graffiti, Skating.”

We heard that you had developed your own dance style called SUMFEEL, what it is all about?

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SUMFEEL is the word inclined by Sumit’s profound understanding of rhythm. “SUMFEEL” is the core element or you can call it as philosophy of SADA.

It is the practical study and understanding of feeling such as aggression, moderate & defensive from various songs. It allows you to roam in some kind of mystical inner world of yourselves. In short, SumFeel is the proper brand new way of meditation. SUMFEEL is the prototype dance technique combination of Contemporary, Jazz, and Acrobatic.

Functions of SUMFEEL

  • It gives you an in-depth understanding of songs.
  • It will allow you to correct your soul to the feeling of a song.
  • SumFeel is the way of expression.
  • It is the way of love and fight.
  • It is the way to convey your message to society.
  • It is a zero hour – total meditation.

If you could describe your dance academy in few lines what would they be?

SADA dance academy

SADA as an institution of Dance & Art is all about implementation & execution of genuine, authentic, constructive & creative ideas. We are devoted to the art and function to 3 valuable elements:-

  1. Passion – For the life and up & downs.
  2. Soul – Enthusiastic & Strong sentimental.
  3. Technique – Proper Mental & physical regime.

SADA as a constructive and productive Institute is quite an equation between faculty and student. It is a home of discipline where it trains students to obey the code of behavior.”

What’s your life mantra both as a dance guru and a person?

sumit lekhari sada

Like Life, dancing also involves series of strides where one can reach step by step.

Step 1: Dancer – A common man

Step 2: Performer – A common man with training

Step 3: Teacher – Trains common man

Step 4: Choreographer – A complete man who creates

If you ever try to skip any of these steps you are bound to fall, even if you somehow managed to get the next level you will reach with incomplete knowledge.

Sumit! This is quite motivating as dance for living is another thing but, a life entirely dedicated to a career and to live for dance is the most spectacular thought that we have come across.
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