7th Heaven: The new home to all your sweet cravings opens up in Town

Have your milk in breakfast, Veggies in lunch and Chapattis in dinner, but what about sweets, ever wondered?

There’s no such right time to satiate the longing for sweet food, instead the moment we have it, everything feels right.

So we have great news for all the foodies out there in the town. India’s Ultimate Cake & Dessert Chain, 7th Heaven opens up their first outlet in our beloved Udaipur. 7th Heaven offers one of the largest variety of Cakes & Deserts to choose from. It’s not just a home to cakes & desserts but also a perfect place to enjoy savories & beverages.

Owner’s vision:

The bakery’s USP is to reduce the serving time and also create a sense of freshness in products. It gives customers the satisfaction of experiencing the live kitchen concept that is they can see their cakes being made live in 7 minutes.

The bakery’s USP itself is one of its own kind in Udaipur. 7th Heaven believes in serving fresh products. It means a customer’s order is freshly prepared in front of his eyes within 7 minutes. Isn’t it interesting?

Sweet Attractions, one could kill for:

Breaking the stereotypes, what a bakery is all about, 7th Heaven doesn’t only serve bakery items but also various other delicacies at very competitive prices.

  • Mug cakes: 7th heaven is the only bakery that produces this variety of cakes. It is the tempting specialty of 7th Heaven has always been the store’s best sellers.
  • French Macarons: This bakery has removed the myth that macaroons can be made with egg only. 7th heaven prepares delicious eggless macaroons.
  • Flavored popcorns are something you can’t resist for long.
  • Multi-flavored Choco-chips are a must try treat for all the sweet-lovers
  • 7th Heaven is a bakery cum café within the city reaches and turns out to be one of the coolest places to hang out.
  • Baked chips & Granola bars are also served for the people who are calorie conscious but want the good taste or those who crave for some nutritional content in the products. The store doesn’t only believe in selling calories so all the gym-freaks in the town, 7th Heaven can be your new home.


So all the foodies out there, what are you waiting for. It’s high time to get out from your comfort zones and enjoy the ever tempting food this city has been gifted with now.

Address: Shop No.1, Aptech Building, Near Mangalam Fun Square, Durga Nursery Road, Udaipur

Contact 7th Heaven at: +91-9119311100

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