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Girls!! Here come the Trend Setter Mojaris

Today’s demand and attraction for each and every girl is to look more and more gorgeous without compromising with her style statement. A big factor behind a girl’s personality is her style of fashion that she carries. It is not only restricted to western or modish clothing but is much and much beyond that. Day by day, our pretty damsels are getting much conscious about their style from dresses to accessories to even footwears and try every tit and bit to follow the latest fashion or carry one by their own.

One of the latest penchants for the young ladies is the traditionally designed foot wears called as “Mojaris or Jootis” from the vibrant culture of Rajasthan. These so called jootis are a complete example of our country’s cultural diversity, local ethos and ethnicity as a whole.

Mojaris in udaipur

You can match them up with any of your outfits whether they are denims, harems, kurtis, salwar suits, payjamas, formal trousers or even hot pants and they would definitely look cool and superb giving a sassy touch to your style!!!

Elegantly handcrafted with beads, threads, mirrors, bells or variety of other stuff, these mojaris are available in different types of colors which make them unique from all the other kinds of footwears and the biggest benefit is that they are cost efficient too. That makes it a value added product for any class of person.

Originally emerged from the royal Jodhpur city and among one of the forte of Rajasthani Handicrafts, mojari is also popular all over the country for the vegetable tanned leather which is organic in nature that is used in its manufacturing.

These ostentatiously classy mojaris can be teamed up with hot pants and short tee/spaghetti to give a hotter look to your personality but make sure they go well with either the pant or the tee/spaghetti.

Taking the local scenario, these are available in quite a good variety in various areas of Udaipur making it a perfect update for the She janta of Udaipur especially the youngsters. Areas that cover this exclusive cleat collection mainly include Hathipole, Jagdish Chowk, Mochiwada etc. and they usually lie in the range of Rs.150-500 making it a best buy deal. What else so trendy could you get in such a price??

The best thing about jooti is that not only the localites but tourists from round the world are also fancied by its awesome piece of work. Tourists invariably fall for its charm and thus it becomes a must on their shopping lists. And therefore, it holds the promise of a better life for the artisans who fashion it.

Undoubtedly, these mojaris are one of a kind and suits well with both traditional as well as western wears of females.

So, gals what’s the confusion now?? Bring yourself up with the latest fashion!!  Go today itself to your nearest mojari store, buy one or more of your taste and enjoy the look and comfort of these royally peppy shoes.