RTU 2nd Semester students appeared for Re-examination

The joy of the last day of exams is a much thrilling experience, when finally the stress of the exams and long hours of studies are over, finally a breakpoint is achieved, and everybody has new plans for the forecoming vacations. But unfortunately due to some anti-social activities by few mischievous persons, the happiness came to an end.

The mathematics examination paper of RTU(Rajasthan Technical University) 2nd semester (B.Tech) was leaked the day before the original exam date, i-e 4th July. As a result, a re-examination for all 2nd semester students of the same subject was held today, the 12th of July.

The paper was comparable to the previous paper that leaked in terms of hardness, but since the students could get a longer span of time for preparations of the exams, hence they could attempt it well. We wish all these students all the very best for their results, and hope that they do not have to appear for another re-examination. and of course, Happy Vacations 🙂

Photos By: Yash Sharma