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Aspiring Music, Inspiring Minds – Aikarth Purohit (Baselard Studios)

For some music is just the source of entertainment whereas for few it is the source of Life. On a happier note, conversation with aspiring artist Aikarth Purohit went pretty happening for us when we got to know his struggle and destiny call that pulled him towards his journey of music. Being the owner of Baselard Studios, a self-proclaimed Music Producer, Guitarist and Composer, Aikarth has carried his worth by never giving up a spirit which was commendable for us.

A self-learned musician with lots of energy and power to build up the platform for many other freelance artists was worth discovery for our team. And, with his music what he exclaimed to us was more of an impressive catch to know…!!


What were the highs and lows you went through your journey of an artist that turned you into Full-time Musician and Guitarist?

Aikarth purohit udaipur

“I was studying in Pune, and there in the hostel, I used to play the guitar, so the focus was not entirely on studies. Then, being there somehow in pressure of studies I went uncomfortable, left everything around and came back to Udaipur. After being here, my parents forced me to go up at least with the engineering if I have left from there. So, I took the admission in RTU and proceeded with the course. Within the duration of 15 days, I met with a fatal accident due to which my right leg got injured, and it was almost cut. Then, at that point, everybody was like now what he will do with his life because of that serious accident. I went through the operation and in that scenario I gave the semester exams as well, but results were not positive enough for me because the college didn’t approve attendance and in that way, 2 years got wasted, and I was unable to complete my graduation.

During all these circumstances, what supported me was my passion for music. So, I asked my parents to allow me for Sound Engineering in Mumbai. But, because of all the previous problems and somehow being into the pressure of relatives to go with respectable degree courses, I was again left with the situation of a dilemma.

Then, after this chaos, I joined the B.C.A. and continued with my music practice here itself. And, with the gradual sessions, composing, and studies too. I came out as a graduate as well a Full-time Musician and Guitarist.”


When did you start with the Baselard Studios?

“During my graduation, I used to practice music at my home only with the Basic Learner’s software ‘FL Studio.’ So, with that beginning with one of my good friend, I started the Baselard Studios, and I continued the learning process in our Home-based Studio for a Year. And, in that time, we worked with many local artists, independent music producers, and freelancers.

baselard studios udaipur

After building up the base, I decided to blow the new heights for Baselard Studios and went up to settle Studio as full-time Music Production place for all the freelance musicians and ad filmmakers. And, leading with that dedication, I got work as well from outside like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and so on. All these things are going high today with dedication but what’s more surprising is that earlier I was unable to cope up with people that how to explain what I do and now the scenario has been completely different when I visit social gatherings or an event.


What are the five things that you can’t imagine to live without?

“I don’t have to think as series always begins with Music, of course, Guitar, Gyming, Travel, and Nature.”


Who is your music inspiration?

“Yngwie Malmsteen, Chris Broderick, and Slash.”


Do you prefer any favourite genre of songs especially in concerts and in your spare time as well?

guitarist udaipur

“Yeah, I mostly prefer Heavy Metal, Rock, and Neo-classical genre of songs for the big shows and in my free time too. Rest is like if the event or concerts are at mid-level, I prefer Bollywood pop songs, Sufi, Rock and whatever that matches well with the taste of crowd.”


Apart from Guitar, what’s your favourite instrument that you often love to work with?

“Piano – both Conventional and Digital.”


Have you got any professional training or you are still heading with self-learning?

music producer and composer aikarth purohit

“Not so far! I am a self-taught Musician and Guitarist and focused with regular learning through technology.


What’s your ideal thing that you follow when you are not into recordings, music concerts, or composing?

“Gyming…As when I am not into the meetings, recordings, composing, and music concerts, I give my time to fitness and workout.”


Aikarth!! From chaos to upholds, any memories that you cherish till date in your musical journey so far?

music concert in udaipur

“Yeah, there are some good memories of my work and heading to the Baselard Studios, I recorded many covers out of which one was dedicated to Junoon Band, and they shared on their Social Medias as appreciation to me. And, I received the honour of appreciation for Bollywood cover of Meet Bros Song which they tweeted and also shared on their social profiles. Currently, there was a music video shot by Shael Oswal in Udaipur, and I have been the part for that too. Apart from that, there are lot many Renowned Tamil music producers, I have worked with.”


For the people who have never heard your music, explain your sound to them in 5 words.

“Umm… I can say One Stop Solution For Music.”


What’s your motto or the advice for life that you live by and want to share with our reader’s as well?

music composer aikarth purohit

“There is no such advice but yeah all I can say is Follow your Heart, try to beat the flow, and start working for your passion, rest all things will get managed accordingly.”

Aikarth! We can actually sum you up as the real artist. Instead of being in so much of emotional, physical, and mental challenges, you came up like a hardcore gem of the person. We wish you all the very best for your future and upcoming scenario.

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