Book ‘Tum apni si lagti ho’ by Udaipur’s Ayush Chauhan is out now

Ayush Chauhan, a 19-year-student writer who hails from the city of lakes Udaipur, began his writing journey 4 years ago. From a very young age, he started developing interests in renowned Ghazal singers and poets. Some of his favorites included the well-known Rahat Indori, Mirza Ghalib and Waseem Barelvi. Ayush initially started wordplay to nibble down his daily endeavors, but soon this habit changed into a hobby and then turned into a passion.

Cover of 'Tum Apni si lagti ho' by Udaipur's Ayush Chauhan
Cover of ‘Tum Apni si lagti ho’ by Udaipur’s Ayush Chauhan

He chose love, heartbreak, and life as a genre of his poems. Being an average student in school, apart from writing, he was also a football lover. He deeply enjoys riding and often meanders from place to place to find some soulful inspiration for his poems. Being a science student, he always wanted to fulfill his father’s desire of seeing him become a successful doctor.

Ayush Chauhan
Ayush Chauhan

But, again, like every other Indian boy’s story, it seemed like destiny had already planned his way into a different direction. Even though he was overwhelmed with his efforts towards the arduous studies and syllabus, he never gave up on writing. He started penning down his stress and sorrow in his diary. That later on turned into the idea of writing the book, “Tum Apni si Lagti Ho”. This came when he felt the need to connect with people through his words. The whole process of writing this book took 3 months, but the poems were already nibbled down 4 years ago. From being a common teenager to an author of the book, the journey will surely motivate readers to believe in one-sided love and relationships. In the era of new age love stories, Ayush hopes to showcase the power of one-sided love through his poems.


The book “Tum Apni si Lagti ho” is a combination of Hindi and Urdu words, penned down by Ayush Chauhan. It describes the different phases of love and affection and surely takes you on a poetic ramble of one-sided love, patience, heartbreak, and acceptance. The poems of the book are imaginative and can be best described by just 3 words, “togetherness in separation”.

It includes 55 poems inscribed by the newly started poet, Ayush Chauhan. While reading, the book will take the readers on a poetic excursion of first love, patience, heartbreak, separation, and acceptance, leaving them thinking and pondering about the whole idea of love. The poems might sound raw but the emotions and feelings attached to them are very sagacious and true. Ayush, the 19-year-old enthusiastic poet began writing 4 years back.

This book is an amalgam of 55 out of 100s of poems written over this period of time. The idea of writing this book struck him when he needed a platform to showcase his poems. By sharing these poems, he believes he is sharing a part of himself with the audience. The whole process of writing “Tum Apni si Lagti ho” took 3 months of time, which included intense work, writing, and thoughts. With this book, Ayush hopes to connect with his readers and explain them the concept and beauty behind the one-sided admiration.