Commencement of New Year 2069

Commencement of New Year 2069
with a bang on creation of
God Jhulelal with 501Kg fruits, vegetables & pulses.

You are Invited

To join us on the auspicious occasion of “Cheti Chand” on 24th March at Sanatan Mandir, Shakti Nagar starting from 8 pm.
Cheti Chand is the Sindhi New Year Day celebrated on the second day of Cheti month (Chaitra month). This year  Cheti Chand falls on April 5, 2011. This festival is similar to other Hindu New Year festivals. Cheti Chand is celebrated as a commemoration of birthday of Sindhi patron saint Jhulelal. This festival is to give honor the birth of Water God (Varun Devta) popularly known as Jhulelal. The Sindhi community is seen wishing each other in the native Sindhi Language “Cheti Chand jyon Lakh Lakh Wadayun Athav”, which means lacs of wishes for Happy Cheti Chand. Historically Cheti Chand is the birthday of Lal Sain Amarlal hence this is the most important day for the sindhi community and celebrated with that high spirit and emotions.

Apna Sangathan, a group that has been renowned in presenting various innovative and creative procession (Jhanki) from last eight years, is once again back with the message of “हरित उदयपुर” [ Green Udaipur ] through the portrait of Bhagwan Jhulelal in rainbow which would be made up by various pulses, fruits & vegetables.

Various achievements of Apna Sangathan, displaying artistic and aesthetic values.

Apna Sangathan
2004 : Wrote “Jai Jhulelal” with 11000 earthen lamps.
Apna Sangathan
2005 : A potrait made with 1 lakh coins. [one rupee coins
2006 : In this year, a record was created in Limca book which announces that 3 lakh marbles were used in potraying God Jhulelal.

Sindhi Samaj

2007: A statue was created with 5 lakh straws.
2007: A statue was created with 5 lakh straws.
2008 : With 101 all different swings swaying around.
2009 : An ambience of disney land was created using thirty thousand balloons.
2009 : An ambience of disney land was created using thirty thousand balloons.
2010 : A temple of diyas was created which brightened the surroundings.
2011 : Taj Mahal was created using 400 litres of milk and god jhulelal was made with kheer. This was the commendable job done.

Mr. Surendra Arora said, ” As me and my friend Virendra Khabrani wanted to unite people of different religions. An idea clicks my mind every year to make something beyond imagination & the supporting person behind this imagination are my wife and my kith and kins.”

Article by : Sakshi Arora

Cheti Chand: New Year eve for the Sindhi Community