Udaipur Airport Increases its Airplane Parking Capacity with the New Apron

  • The new apron is all set to start at Maharana Pratap Airport, Dabok.
  • Will become operational from November 5.
  • 11 big and 22 small aircraft can be parked now at Udaipur Airport.

The new apron at Maharana Pratap Airport, Dabok is ready and will be operational from November 5. With the commencement of this new apron, the airport’s flight handling capacity will increase significantly.

Presently, 7 big and 11 small aircraft can be parked at the airport apron. The old apron at Udaipur Airport has only 5 parking stands for Boeing-737 and Airbus 320 aircraft. However, this number will increase to 11 once the new apron is operational. The new apron will allow 11 big and 22 small aircraft to be parked at Udaipur Airport.

Additionally, if a new terminal building is built in front of the new apron, then the airport can have 6 aerobridges on the apron where there are just 2 aerobridges at the old apron.

Besides, once the new apron becomes operational, the passengers will also not have to wait long during flight landing and takeoff.

The new apron will have ground handling equipment for airlines. The cleaning of the airport, cargo, baggage handling, stock of goods, etc. will be done by the ground staff of the airport.