Tips on How to Overcome the Examination Fever


examination fever

EXAMS – one of the most dreadful words for every student, barring a few exceptions. They are those strenuous stages of student life that had pressurized every one of us. No matter whether you are appearing for your boards, or your entrance exams, or your graduation & post graduation exams, you go through the same level of anxiety and stress. And only one question hovers in our mind – Yarrr!! Ye exams hote hi kyun h… But yes, exams are important as they decide your next step, your whole professional career, and the most of all your capability for a particular field or a particular level.

A bit of tension and stress makes your performance even better and puts you a step ahead in the ladder of success. I mean, just imagine, would you have been able to solve those tricky Trigonometry questions or learn those dreadful formulas of physics if you would not have to give exams. No never. So if you are a bit tensed and nervous about your upcoming exams then Congratulations!! Your stress along with your hard work will definitely reward you. But but but, if your stress is ascending beyond your levels of control, this can prove to be a great hurdle in achieving your target besides creating chaos in your mind and body.

I think everyone of us knows what this ghost of exam stress looks like. Tiredness, difficulty in sleeping, loss of appetite, severe headache, despite of all efforts you can’t remember anything, uncontrolled anxiety and irritability – if you have two or more of these symptoms then beware!! It can bring a severe downfall in your results.  But we have got for you some of the best shots that are sure to drive away this ghost. You might have come across these steps in some of the newspapers or magazines, but may be this is the time to implement them.

  • Don’t under-estimate your powers and capabilities. Believe in yourself and you can win this world.
  • Set a target; your goal. Always set up a target that is one plus your potential. Work hard to achieve it and then even you will be amazed by your results. But that doesn’t mean that you strain yourself with undue pressure. If you got A instead of A+, that does not implies that you have failed.
  • Actions will speak not your anxiety or stress. If you cannot understand a topic or solve a problem, take help of your teachers and your friends in place of getting worried.
  • Make a time table. But make sure it’s a realistic one. No one can solve all the chapters of maths in one day. Don’t keep on studying one subject whole day. It won’t do any good besides bringing boredom.
  • Sleep tight at least for 6 hours. Yup I’m saying for 6 hours because I’m a student too. And no one can sleep soundly for 8 hours in exams, especially one who is suffering from sleeplessness. Don’t try to recall or revise while in bed; it can affect your sleep.
  • 15 minutes with the nature. Walk for some time on green grass early morning. Trust me cool breeze can do wonders on your mind.
  • Eat well. Never skip your breakfast. Avoid junk foods and large numbers of cups of teas and coffees. Stick to mom’s advice of taking fresh fruits and vegetables, curd and nimbu-pani. Always remember you won’t be able to learn when your stomach is empty.
  • Break to banta hei boss!! Don’t try to stretch yourself beyond your limits. Take a short break whenever you start feeling a bit bored or your mind is at its saturation point. You can listen music, or talk with your friends and family, or play with your pet but don’t start television or net.
  • Avoid comparing yourself with your friends. Everyone has his own competence, his own ways of learning and revising the things. So stop thinking about others and choose the method which suits you and your mind the most.

In the examination hall:

  • Don’t panic. Have faith in yourself and your hard work. If you have given your best, success will surely embrace you.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly. It will help to lower down your stress level.


After the exam:

  • No need of dissecting your answers. Things like “oh shit! I forgot to write this word in question 4” will only accentuate your worries and lower down your confidence level. You cannot change what you have already written in answer sheet. It’s time to focus on next exam.
  • Don’t start studying immediately for the next exam. Your mind needs to be refreshed from the stress it suffered for last 3 hours. Friends, FS, and coffee – can anything else work better than this?? But remember don’t waste your time much.

All the best to everyone who are going to appear for their exams. Remember always – YOU are THE BEST and the best always WIN. So just blast these exams..!!   🙂

Image Credits: Mumbai Mirror