[Part 2] The Fusion Discussion: Education and Society-Massive Reform is the Need of Hour

In the previous part, we discussed about the IT sector, developments, requirements, and problems the IT Sector is facing in Udaipur. For those, who are new to this article, let me introduce to you a concerned Udaipurite, and one of the pioneers of the IT sector in Udaipur: Mr. Madhukar Dube, Managing Director, Fusion eSolutions LLC, USA. In this part, he speaks about the education system, regarding the necessary reforms it needs and what the IT sector needs out of it. Also, speaking about himself, sharing his views over the society, and our own City of Lakes. So not wasting a moment in the introduction, I’m continuing with the UB’s Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2 😀

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• We have been talking about the IT infrastructure, challenges and lots more. Major highlighted issue that came up was lack of efficient manpower. That in a way points to the current education system and society too. Isn’t it?

Absolutely, the education system has greatly deteriorated in the present time. The teaching profession too is suffering at large. Let’s take a simple calculation. Every year new colleges have been opening in our country. To teach so many students, we need teachers. But are we producing the required quantity of quality teachers too? Certainly not!! Once a person is qualified enough, good companies like us for example or companies based in I.T hubs like Bangalore, Hyderabad & Gurgaon will pull you out from your college itself with attractive packages and incentives. But there are scarcely any who wish to teach others. I still remember two guys who resigned from Fusion just because they wanted to teach, and I believe they are doing better in their teaching career than they could do in Fusion. My parents have been teachers so I do appreciate the feeling, as I know that teaching profession needs a class apart and a different temperament which sadly is lacking today.

• Mostly, the education sector is now focused on anyhow getting admissions into the IITs. How far you think it is right? Or it is simply becoming a rat race instead of a trend?

I think I may have answered this question above but let me go into greater detail. Getting into IIT is not a panacea in itself. If you are a student who lacks zeal and a clear focus then you simply cannot get quality education anywhere, leave alone admission into IIT’s. Our society has put so much pressure on the words “success” and “packages” that the vulnerable student fraternity gets “pushed” into this rat race. They won’t know it, but they would be in that race.

This is destroying creative thinking and the next generation. I would quote Forest Long of the Young & Rubicam ad agency who famously said in 1971 “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. So true!!

I am not an engineer, neither I have been into IITs. I have completed my B.Sc in Computer Science from Jain Vishwa Bharti University, and I am an OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) and have done a three year course from Aptech. But I had the good fortune of having the support and blessings of great mentors who changed my life, taking a moment to acknowledge with respect, Mr. Mohan Lal Talesara, Swami Sir, and Rekha Jain Ma’m, they ignited the passion in me for computers and pushed it into a right direction. I already had a budding interest for computers, but wasn’t good at programming. On the other hand, I was good at system designing and database, so they pushed me in that direction. And the outcome is what I am today. I am proud having been blessed with great parents who never forced me for anything.

My message to youth is do what your heart says and follow your own instincts. If you do not understand my message at least watch the Aamir Khan starrer “3 Idiots”. I think that would drive home my point!!

Fusion Interview | UdaipurBlog
Mr. Madhukar Dube | Managing Director, Fusion eSolutions LLC, USA

What do you feel about the City of Lakes?

Udaipur is a very beautiful city and has been a lucky charm for me of course. But like I said above, this city has the potential of getting catapult into a different league altogether. If the polity and policy makers put their head into preparing a vision for the year 2025, put their honest efforts into it and come out with the required ecosystem to drive growth, I am sure Udaipur would be shining on the world map.

We have to think ahead. Relying on tourism and mineral industry won’t get us into a different league. We have to develop the vision to include different industry segments, give them the required ecosystem to flourish backed by honest governance.

This in my view will be our fitting tribute to our ancestors who established Udaipur. One person can always bring a change to entire society. Despite of 100 driving carelessly, if one starts driving carefully with a helmet on or driving in a correct lane etc, rest of 99 can get a good example, and soon those 100 will influence the other 1000. Change is never instantaneous, its gradual, we must be patient.

There have been myths/rumours of another recession coming up in near future. What would you like to say for the high school students or those who are stepping into college life from school for choosing IT as a profession?

Recession and Bullish-Bearish market will always be there at all times. To note, the maximum rise in Facebook was observed during 2009 to 2011, which was during the recession period itself. So stop following other’s footsteps or advice or rumours, there won’t be any recession for a talent ever.

We have been talking about society, social awareness and reforms. What improvements or amendments in your views are needed in today’s hour in the society?

If I were to point out the top three things which are hindering the growth of India, they would be “lack of governance”, “corruption” and “lack of discipline”. Start with minor things, when you overtake a driving vehicle from the wrong side or when you cross the road when it is red signal, you are disturbing the whole system.

Government comes up with policies but due to poor governance, lack of accountability and corruption the fruits of development do not reach the lowest levels of the society. As a nation we end up squandering opportunities. Minor ego issues and leg pulling among us distort the larger vision.

During my recent visit to U.S, I found that people do consult psychiatrists, despite having an easier life (that’s what I think) compared to us Indians. But here these things fail, as we live a dual life. This is another great social problem. We never speak up what we like or dislike. We would rather complain to a third person than speaking directly to the concerned person. We have a policy here, “Jhooth toh hum bolte nahi, aur sach bola jaata nahi”. And thus, we daily lie to ourselves. We need to give a frank opinion about what we feel is wrong. We need to grow up and act mature as a society.

• What are your plans for the society for its betterments?

Like I said, society needs improvements that will gradually bring upon a change. I wish to do something for the education of poor children, as well as those who dropped out of their education due to reasons outside of their control. We have also adopted the ITI Mavli, and will be starting new courses for the vocational training of students to meet employment opportunities. Education is the only way for betterment, and achieving that will be my primary aim.

Having talked about the incredible Madhukar Dubey at a professional level, can we get a sneak peak of him at a personal level?

 I am passionate about music. Not many might know but not long ago I used to be a professional DJ (Disc Jockey) and mind you I was very good at it. I used to rank amongst the best DJ’s at one point of time. I am an avid sports lover and my favorite sports include Basketball, Hockey and Volleyball. I was awarded the Presidential medal for being a top scout when I was in school. I love mountains and was selected and participated in the Himalayan Base Camp when I was just 17 years old!! Every year I take time out to go for some kind of adventure sports like in June went for ‘rafting’ at Ton river in Uttarakhand. I am proud and lucky that I am blessed by true visionary parents who did their best making me realize my dreams. My father’s principles are mine and I follow them to last bit. My lovely wife Shweta has always motivated me to better myself. My son Yashovardhan is growing up and like me has a passion for electronics. Any toy I buy for him, he dismantles them within no time to understand their inner working. He is my heart. My brother, Himkar, is a pillar of strength for me and his lovely wife Anjali is someone I truly respect. My friends Siddharth Chouhan (DON Ji), Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar(Boss), Anuj, Manoj Dugar, Dheeraj Malhotra, Rohit Gupta & Raju Surana are very few people who have been with me in every up & down.

• Last, but not the least, your word for UdaipurBlog as well as its readers please

Honestly, I was waiting for such a news blog to come out from Udaipur created by Udaipurites. Your team which is full of young and creative minds is doing a fantastic job. I am glad you have a loyal base of avid readers who feel they are part of this endeavour. I wish the whole team of UdaipurBlog and its Readers all the success in the world!! While I work tirelessly towards achieving my dreams I would always solicit your prayers in helping me realizing them. Your blog is something non-political, non nepotism, aggressive, looking for new places to hangout and above all very pure from heart. Be that always…words go around. Jai Mewar!!


Special Thanks: Mr. Himkar Dubey


[Part 1] The Fusion Discussion: Udaipur can make ‘IT’ Smile

The IT Park
Entrance to the IT Park


Udaipur has evolved as a tourism city and marked a great presence worldwide. Even to my surprise, I came to know many facts about Udaipur, for it has many “WOW” factors apart from only tourism, after I became a part of Team. The rich Mewar Culture, the presence of mineral rich places, mines, of being a marble hub, as well as a booming IT city, the solar observatory, and many more. Wait! Yes, if you came across it for the first time like I did recently and can’t believe your eyes, you still got it right. Udaipur has also left a great impression globally in the IT industry. There’s a separate IT park too in the Mewar Industrial Area of Udaipur aka Madri. Once I came across this fact, believe me I became curious to know more about how could an IT industry grow, or to be honest with words, survive in a comparatively smaller and technologically unremarkable (as of then) city than big metros. Gathering all information I could, I came across the names of few big players which are successfully venturing, and a name among them was that of Fusion Outsourcing Pvt Ltd. On my request for an interview with “The Boss” with utmost curiosity and nervousness, I was granted an appointment with Mr. Madhukar Dubey, (Managing Director) at Fusion Outsourcing. Entering into the IT Park itself was a jaw dropping experience, being into a part of city that was earlier wasn’t thought to exist on the map, and being there felt like being somewhere out of the city entirely. The entire place has a separate calmness and ambiance. Then I happened to meet this ever smiling and inspiring person, whose warm and friendly gesture made me forget that it was my first ever interview, Mr. Madhukar Dubey aka Madhu Dube. Anyways, enough for the personal feelings sections, now here’s an interview based on series of discussions with him.


First of all, thanks for the appointment. Being here has been a different experience. Coming to the main point, many people still believe that IT Industries don’t exist in Udaipur, as even I used to think few time back. For an icebreaking stuff, Please tell us how did Fusion evolve.

Fusion started out as a proprietorship concern in October 2005. We rented a small office space at Akruti Complex near Saheli Marg. Our very first projects were in the BPO space which helped us gain traction and keep the ball rolling. October 2006 saw us converting into a Private Limited Company from a proprietorship concern. We deliberately kept the company name starting it with the term “Fusion” which means combining many parties, entities or objects to form something new and thus Fusion Outsourcing Software Private Limited came into play. With our sustained efforts we grew very fast and soon rented out three additional office spaces in the same office complex. June 2008 again saw us shifting base to the I.T Park (Mewar Industrial Area Extension) wherein we managed to rent out a big space so that we could bring all of our different teams sitting in separate offices under one single roof with state of the art facilities and superior office infrastructure. With the grace of god, my parents blessings and above all real hard work by the team has pushed us forward wherein currently we are employing 100+ professionals. We are a proud member of NASSCOM, CII & TiE.


Mr. Madhukar Dube, Managing Director, Fusion eSolutions Pvt. Ltd. | UdaipurBlog
Mr. Madhukar Dube, Managing Director, Fusion eSolutions LLC, USA


• That means more than six years? Wow! So what all spheres of IT does Fusion deal with?

We are essentially an integrated I.T Services Provider. Our business verticals include Social Media Research & Analytics, I.T Consulting & Development, Business Process Outsourcing services to name a few.

To elaborate on our business verticals, in Social Media Research & Analytics we are providing in-depth Research Reports and Strategy Consulting to many Fortune 500 companies. We make use of cutting edge technology to extract real-time data from different Social Media platforms like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc and analyze huge loads of data to arrive at a refined set of parameters to base our study on.

These research reports add tremendous value for our clients and enable them to understand the impact of their marketing efforts so they can make informed decisions going forward. We do not stop there. Based on our analysis we go a step further and provide consulting on how they should approach their product development, product launch and address the latent needs of their consumer base.

In a nutshell we provide our Fortune 500 clients end-to-end Research & Consulting Services based on the Social Media Sphere. It’s a niche service offering wherein we were ranked the 5th Best Service Provider in the entire world in Investment Research by the U.S based Data Monitor Group.

Our I.T Consulting & Development vertical has enabled clients spread all over the world in adding value to their operations. We have developed end-to-end solutions primarily for Healthcare & Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (also known as BFSI) Industry segments. Our web development vertical has created a niche of its own with aesthetically appealing web design and Web 2.0 solutions. With Mobile App development we have entered a sunrise industry segment. Our HTML 5 based solutions are powering our client’s future needs today.

Our Business Process Outsourcing offerings have done wonders to client’s operational efficiencies. We provide Virtual Staffing Solutions to Small and Medium sized businesses based in U.S, EU & Australia. It has contributed greatly towards minimizing their manpower costs and our virtual staff has succeeded in becoming an integral part of their overall process. We also provide Medical Billing solutions to U.S based Hospitalist groups.


Everyone rushes out for big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore as they are big finance and IT capitals of the country. Why did you go against the stream and choose Udaipur?

India till the 90’s was considered a poor nation full of snake charmers and cows dotting the streets. This perception changed after liberalisation which unleashed the nation’s entrepreneurship and our Industry peers TCS, Infosys & Wipro gave credence to this changed image. We were suddenly shining on the world map. This is when Bangalore came up on the horizon which quite ironically till the 90’s was considered to be a heaven for Retirees. Udaipur which shines on the World’s tourist map sadly stood nowhere on the I.T map when I started the company. Though it may sound farfetched as of now but I will not be surprised if in a few years Udaipur becomes the Silicon Valley of the northern states. It has all the potential. The need is to “believe” that we can do it. I am proud to share that last year a study conducted by the Industry Association ASSOCHAM ranked Udaipur No.5 among the top tier II & III cities in terms of employment growth in the I.T Industry. This is welcome news among all the gloom that is surrounding the I.T Industry in the rest of India. I strongly believe in this dream of bringing Udaipur on the World I.T map and leaving no stone unturned to fulfill this dream.


That accounts for the wonderful delights connected with this company. Speaking about the darker side, what all challenges did you have to face since the establishment phase?

As an individual I love my country and I love my town. But when it comes to establishing an enterprise there are numerous hurdles. Infrastructure bottlenecks such as absence of good quality bandwidth, uninterrupted supply of electricity, well set up I.T incubator facilities, friendly government agencies all frustrate an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur all I need is infrastructure which matches the standards set in major I.T hubs, fast approval of regulatory compliance’s and continuous flow of good quality manpower. Unfortunately I find them all missing.

Come to the I.T Park where we are located. In fact it is not a I.T Park in the true sense of the word. The .T Park is just adjacent to a busy industrial area known as Madri where there are numerous chemical factories spewing toxic acids and gases in the air, soapstone factories throwing dust and powder in the vicinity, due to the presence of factories heavy vehicles ply in the I.T Park which have caused numerous accidents, pathetic roads, government agencies whose officials throw tantrums for simple paperwork in the expectation of getting their palms greased and what not. The quality of manpower sadly is below par. Out of every 100 candidates we interview, not even 6-7 are fit for employment.


Problems Preaviling in the IT Park | UdaipurBlog
Chimneys emitting harmful fumes

Problems Prevailing with the IT Park | UdaipurBlog


I must admit these are sorry state of affairs.


Okay, so who is to be blamed for this?

The whole ecosystem is flawed to start with. The education system which is responsible for producing the required manpower lacks quality teacher. The syllabus is primitive and what is taught is not what the Industry requires. A recent study pointed out that out of every 100 engineering students who pass out, only 17 are fit for further “training”. Mind you, I am not saying they are fit to be “employed”. Employment comes later, first the students need to be trained so that they can become “employable”. We end up doing the job which our education system should be doing. The mushrooming of new universities, colleges and institutions doesn’t mean we have also improved on the count of employable manpower. In fact the opposite is true. The institutes who do not have adequate infrastructure and quality teachers are producing “human robots” which are incapable of applying their own brain when it comes to practical thinking. This is injustice to the students who enroll themselves in colleges looking at the full page advertisements claiming 100% placements and when they pass out they find themselves unemployable in the industry stream they have got graduated from.

B.Tech(Mech. Engg) pass outs are applying for the posts of Data Entry Operators. Isn’t this injustice!!

I also find the students lacking in zeal and in clear focus. The race to earn a quick buck without putting in sustained and laborious efforts and the many worldly distractions hinder their employability and career growth.


Any memorable incident that occurred to you till date?

Yes, something very memorable I would like to mention. I generally spend 10 days outside Udaipur every year, traveling alone. That’s the time I plan new strategies for the company. The incident occurred in 2006 when my life took few undesired turns and I had to undergo a bitter experience at both personal level (had a bad breakup) as well as professionally wherein I had suffered huge losses. I went to Goa for a change. On my way, I found this young foreigner – Tobias, who was looking to hitch hike to a hotel. I shared my auto rickshaw with him. On the way we became friends, and came to know he was from Norway, and has travelled 5 countries before India, and amazingly was just 19 years of age! When asked about budget, he said he came here with a plan of only Rs. 600 per day. For a place like Goa and for a foreigner, this is extremely low. He just told me one inspiring thing, “Anything can fit in any budget, provided it is planned perfectly”. For the entire time of about 10 days I was with him, I was amazed that this young guy, he was so enthusiastic and energetic; he never stopped for a moment, kept on doing something or the other, slept in a hut with just a bulb and fan, even on beach with a blanket only. I spoke to myself if he can stay happy, why can’t I? That was my life turning event. After my return, I worked really very hard for Fusion, redesigned the management, distributed work among my team members, gave them responsibilities, trusted them and that’s how we grew. Our stats speak for ourselves.


• That’s incredible. So how do you rate yourself as a boss?

The first and foremost thing, there is no word ‘employee’ at Fusion. Everyone is a team member. I am proud to have a huge loving team. My first team member, Dinesh Nagda, and the second to join me, Rohit Gupta, are both still around. A work friendly environment gives them a good boost. The attrition rate too has been low comparatively for the same reason. I don’t allow anyone to work for more than eight hours, and every Friday and Saturday, there are compulsory sports at our premises in the evening. I keep them saying and following one sentence “Your parents never gave birth to you to lose. They dreamt of you to be a winner, so be that and strive for it

PS: That’s it for the 1st part, stay tuned for the next. Till then, share your views, also if you like this post share it on Facebook, Twitter

Events News

The Sparkles Group up with Udaipur Idol 2012

Hey all budding singers and the vocal maestros from the city. Are you interested in showing your talent off on a common platform in front of the entire Udaipur? If yes, then Sparkles Events and Wedding Planners are bringing forward a right platform, pronouncing it as Singing ka Maha Muqabla (Competition), it’s the Udaipur Idol 2012.

Udaipur IdolThe auditions for the same shall be held at OMG, R Kay Mall Panchwati on 2nd and 3rd June 2012 between 11am to 5 pm. Forms for participating in the mega talent hunt are available at these venues, just to ensure that they are within reach of entire city locations:

  • Sparkles Dance Institute, Ziniret, inside Surajpole
  • Ashoka Bakery, Shakti Nagar Corner
  • Swastik Studio, Sevashram Chouraha
  • Paragon Mobile’s, 23, Inside Udiapole
  • Kanish Computers and Peripherals, Ayad road, Thokar chouraha

In a brief discussion with Mr. Amit Goswami of Sparkles institute, he said that the event is going to bring forth the hidden budding talents from the city. He also added that the event will be judged by the X-factor fame Deewana group, who will also be giving a special performance in the event. “The entire event will be hosted by Anchor Piyush. The program won’t only bring name and fame to the singers, but there are also fabulous prizes worth Rs. 51000 to be won.”, added Amit.


amit goswami | UdaipurBlog
Amit Goswami
Deewana Group

This mega event is sponsored by:

  • Kanish Computers and Peripherals
  • Westside
  • OMG
  • Paradise Sounds and Events
  • Ashoka Bakery
  • Paragon Moblie’s
  • Banera Castle

Your own UdaipurBlog shall remain the online partner for the event. Stay tuned for more updates. For more enquiries, you can contact Amit Goswami at 9414160658, 9001808828.


“Break Free” with New Heavens

Everyone seems to be busy with their exams, or in their life full of complications. Its now the time to “Break Free”. New Heavens Entertainments is bringing an opportunity to set you apart from your daily schedule, addictions, depressions, loneliness, suicidal tendencies, debts, failures in life and all kinds of negativity with two evenings full of music and joy in our own city of lakes.

The musical event, named “Break Free” will be held on 20th-21st April 2012. The event will be standing on four pillars, viz. Music, Fun, Motivation, and Surprizes. Main attractions for the event are the famous Bombay bounce DJ Lloyd who will ensure that Udaipur will be bombarded with the grooviest music and the funkiest beats ever, as well as the world renowned Flautist Naveen Kumar, who has been the most sought-out musician in India, performing with almost all the film music directors, including A.R. Rehman and many others from North to South ever since 1993. His works include Roja, Dhoom, Kisna, Taal, Kal Ho Na Ho and many more. There will also be a motivational session by Nicky Raiborde, Author and Dynamic Speaker.

Excited? Here’s more addition. There will also be performances from Keerti Sagathia, Lead Singer from Bollywood. Isn’t that all enough to initiate the adrenaline rush in your body? Many more surprises due, so what are you waiting for Udaipies? Grab your entry for the event asap, and Break Free. 😀


Date: 20th and 21st April, 2012

Venue: MLSU Auditorium

Time: 5.30 p.m. Onwards


For More Details About Event and to Win Free Passes Contact : +91-9468583858

You may also Join the page to be Updated about the Event Details : NewHeavens


One Day Training Workshop for CWBC (Child well Being committee) Kolyari

A one day training workshop for CWBC (Child well being committee) Kolyari block was held at Kalyani Samagra Vikas Parishad – Kolyari. The objective of this training programme was to make the participations to understand to deal with children and to understand team behaviour & characters, motivate co-workers’ improve listening skills particularly in remote area. Mr. Gopal Bhatt, Coordinator-Education, welcomed the participants.

Training prograame for CWBC at kolyariTraining prograame for CWBC at kolyariTraining prograame for CWBC at kolyari

Mr. R.S. Dhakar, member, Child Welfare Committee, Udaipur was the resourse person. Mr. Dhakar explained the pre-primary teaching methodology which is entirely through play way methods through songs and rhymes, colourful pictorial handmade story charts. Further, he said that children are wealth of any nation, and also future of Indian growth story. Every citizen needs to ensure their childhood is healthy and well nourished and they get proper education. Mr. Dhakar also explained about the Right to Education, and role of Children Welfare Committee to the participants.
There were about thirty participants from different villages. Most of the participants appreciated the vision of such activities conducted by Kalyani Samagra Vikas Parishad which is financially supported by Child Fund India. Mr. Lalit Shukla, Education Coordinator proposed the vote of thanks.

Courtesy: Press Release


Techno NJR to host NJineeRs 2012: an Inter College Fest

Techno India NJR, one of the most reputed institutes of the city, is all geared up to host an inter college technical fest ‘N-JineeRs 2012’, the first ever of its kind, among the different engineering colleges of Udaipur. This will be a two day fest commencing from Feb 28 to Feb 29, 2012. The fest is organized by the IEEE-Computer Society Student Chapter of Techno India NJR. The fest includes various Technical and Fun events which are followed up by exciting prizes. It’s not over yet; the fest has more to deliver with a powerful performance by the rock band ‘Devine Legacy’, and an inter college cultural event consisting of solo and group dance competitions and many more performances by the students of TINJRIT and other colleges.


The chief organizers of this event, Jeseeka Mehta and Ajay Porwal, in a short conversation informed that there are 10 main events, out of which some are Technical and some Fun events. Technical events include Elektro (Robotics), Paradox (Technical Quiz), Utopia (Graphic Designing), JCDB (Java and C Debugging), Tangle (Aptitude Skills) and N-Web (Web Designing). Events like Artistry (Poster Making), Spunky (e-Gaming), Scrap-up (Best out of Waste) and Megapixel (Photography) are categorized under Fun events.

Other on the spot events like Rangoli Making, Soap Smith, Face Painting, Sketching, Ad Making and JAM are also included.

Piyush Javeria, the faculty co-ordinator said that the highlight of this event will be the performance by Udaipur’s Rock Band, ‘Devine Legacy’. The band has already gained appreciable fame in a short span of time and is currently, the talk of the town. There will be other cultural performances as well, including the inter college dance competitions, for which applications and enquiries are invited at the college campus. Students can take part in multiple events with a one time fee of just Rs. 100/- per head.

Participants can register for the event at and can also find more information regarding the event. On the spot registration facility also available for students on 28th of February. For real time updates, you can follow ‘N-JineeRs’ on facebook and twitter. You can see a glimpse of the promotional video of the fest below



Curtsey: Press Release/Udaipur Lakecity


Job Fair 2012 at Maharaja College concluded successfully

As we had already informed you about the Job Fair 2012 by Times Ascent and Maharaja Group of Colleges, Udaipur, here is a brief up of the two day event that successfully happened on 18th and 19th Feb 2012.

Job Fair | UdaipurBlog

More than 2000 applicants applied for the Job Fair from many different colleges and institutions out of which about 100 people secured their jobs in various companies, both domestic and multinational. The analytics say that the big names too have selected many students as possible. HCL, Tech Mahindra, Intelnet and Genpact have recruited more than 25 students. Many more companies like I-YOGI, SBI Life Insurance, PCC Care, Max-New York Life Insurance, Daksh-Auto, PVR Cinemas, Bajaj Sevashram, IDBI-INTECH, Classic Hospitality, HDFC-Sales, Fusion, India-CAN,  BIRLA SUNLIFE INSURANCE,  AXIS-SALES, ARC-GATE. NANDI FOUNDATION, RELIANCE SECURITY, IFBI also gave jobs to many applicants.

“This was a huge response in its first attempt itself. We look forward to organise this every year from now onwards. Not only students but corporations also got the opportunity to discover fresh talent from Udaipur.”

-Nagendra Singh, Director, Maharaja College of Engineering

Check out the pictures from the job fair that took place at Maharaja College, on 18th and 19th February.

Job Fair | UdaipurBlogJob Fair | UdaipurBlog

More : The Complete Market for Udaipur is a new venture from Udaipur, established with the noble thought of providing a one stop solution to remove the complications involved in selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing and meeting people near you. Specially targeted for the average middle class people of Udaipur who have aspirations that can’t keep pace with incomes or whose needs have multiplied but income hasn’t, UdaipurBazaar  is a classified site exclusively for the people of Udaipur, where you can log in for FREE and post your free classified advertisement. This is one place where you can get it all from real estate to vehicles to electronics to collectibles to books and clothing.

Here’s a list of facilities that UdaipurBazaar aims to provide to all the Udaipurites:

  1. You can BUY/SELL goods by just a click of a mouse.
  2. Being a website dedicated just for Udaipur, you can trade with your own people.
  3. Create a forum for buyers and sellers online.
  4. Control your selling buying and community activity in the “MY UB” section
  5. With internet connections growing at 20% a year, it will provide a huge market in the coming times.
  6. Easily design rich colourful ads with pictures and videos.
  8. Posting your advertisement on just a CALL.

The team of Udaipur Bazaar consists of three young entrepreneurs, Shakti Vardhan Saxena, Mohit Upadhyay, and Dipanshu Khardia, who began UDAIPUR BAZAAR as the next generation of free online classifieds that aims to provide a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading, and many more business problems near you where ever you may reside in Udaipur. Their vast range of directories include products such as Real Estate, Vehicles, Electronics, Classes, Services, and many more for better convenience of classification. 🙂


Two day Workshop on writing Effective Conference Papers at Techno India NJR

Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Udaipur is conducting a two day workshop titled “Writing Effective Conference Papers,” on 18th and 19th Feb 2012 as a part of the series of ISTE-IITB workshops, sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India, under the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT). There are no Registration fees at all, and it is funded by MHRD. There was even the facility of On the Spot registration on the first day, i-e 18th February at the Remote Center.

There has been immense response from the participants across the Rajasthan making Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, third highest remote center in the country among 35 remote centers. TINJR always promotes enhancement of Knowledge of faculty members and this is third type of workshop that we are organizing in this series. Workshop will target to enhance the quality of papers being produced at conferences.”

Piyush Javeria, Workshop and Remote Center Coordinator


The first day of the Workshop was dedicated to introduction to general technical writing, alongwith the contours and details of a technical conference paper, writing styles, alongwith some practical exercises.

The workshop will continue today also, where the topics dealt will be focusing with plagiarism, avoiding it and instead paraphrasing the technical works, as well as advanced elements of writing style.

This workshop is likely to benefit faculty members and students in academic institutions who plan to write research papers for conferences. Experienced researchers as well as those in the initial stages of research, such as M.E. and Ph.D students, have been encouraged to participate in this workshop. Excluding the on the spot registrations, 150 participants including 20 Research scholars and M-Tech students have enrolled so far and TINJRIT is proudly, the only remote center in whole of Rajasthan for the workshop.



Parivartan – A Rock Event Against Corruption

Where there’s a will there’s a way. You might be probably surprised for the usage of this proverb here at this article. But it is true that today, even a small drop can make a considerable change in an ocean. Likewise, to eradicate the evil called corruption from its very root, the youth in the city is working really hard, making people aware at every cost, via different ways, for which we must be proud of.  In the series, Udaipur Talents, and the famous Rock Band “Oxyrock” are organizing an event, “Parivartan – A Rock Event Against Corruption“, on 18th February 2012.

parivartan poster

The step in the form of Social Awareness Mega Event has been appreciated and hence supported by the youth NGO from  Udaipur, Shikshantar, as well as Jago Party. The main attraction for the event will surely be, as of course the name suggests, the famous band Oxyrock with their mind blowing performances, and screening of the movie “Country First” by Shiv Khera. Also, to encourage the participation of the city youth, there will be group dance competition as well as fashion show for Udaipurites. The screening for the same will be done via auditions, which will be held at Central Public School, New Bhupalpura, Udaipur.

The auditions will be taken on 10th and 11th Feb’2012 at 3-5 pm. The entry fees will be Rs. 100 per person, and there can be any song  and theme at the time of audition, but the theme for fashion show on the final day will be Rajasthani, and the group dance competition shall be patriotic (strictly). The group dance winner will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5000, and the winner of the Fashion Show will be awarded Rs. 2000 cash.

The main event shall be held at Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, from 5:30 pm onwards, and entry to this main event is absolutely free of cost. Your own online portal as well as friend UdaipurBlog is the proud media partner for the same. Do participate in large numbers, and spread awareness against corruption in every possible nook and corner of the society.