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Instagram worthy Places in Udaipur

Being called as one of the most beautiful and exotic tourist destinations in Rajasthan, Udaipur is truly blessed with the presence of mesmerizing lakes, larger than life hotels, temperate weather, and its romantic vibes. Not to forget, it is home to some of the most instagrammable pictures which act as a source of major attraction for travelers and backpackers.

Although there are a plenty of picturesque places in Udaipur, according to me, I have selected some of the best and handpicked locations for awe-striking and Instagrammable Pictures.

1. City Palace-

The top choice and a must visit place in Udaipur, City Palace is surrounded by beautiful balconies, tall pillars and Cupolas towering over the lake. A combination of vibrant blue sky and Golden city Palace gives a perfect click for Instagram.

2. Lake Badi hill-

Lake Badi hill has become a major tourist attraction recently because of its stunning view and the best time to visit is in evening to click the perfect sunset.

3. Old City Market-

Old city market consists of amazing handicrafts, artistic paintings, beautiful jewelry and colorful textiles that gives a true essence of the city. This is a can’t miss photo opportunity place when you are visiting the City of Lakes.

4. Fateh Sagar Lake-

The charm of Udaipur is incomplete without a visit to Fateh Sagar Lake. It is a photographer’s paradise and generally, the best shots get captured in the night. You will find at least one picture of Fateh Sagar Lake in every Udaipurites Instagram account.

5. Ambrai Ghat-

Surrounded by a detailed view of City Palace on one side and Lake Palace on another, Ambrai Ghat is undoubtedly the most photogenic place in Udaipur. The best pictures get shot in the daytime as well as night.

6. Footbridge at Pichola lake-

The famous footbridge of Udaipur looks lit in the night and gives you a true feel of a romantic city. Pictures of the footbridge show the beauty of the old city.

7. Peepliya Ji-

A top destination to click pictures, especially if you are a nature lover. Best snaps get captured in the early morning during sunrise. The foggy morning makes u feel trippy and happy at the same time.

8. Gangaur Ghat-

Situated on the banks of Lake Pichola, Gangaur Ghat is a delight for all photographers as one can capture the beauty of the old city in a single frame. The Ghat is also home to some of the famous movies that have been shot here like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Ramleela.

9. Sahelion Ki Bari-

The sprawling garden is a must visit not only for photographers but for every individual who loves flora. The enchanting fountains, lotus pools, and marble pavilions are sufficient to catch the eyeballs of every person. Sahelion ki Bari is an oasis of peace within the city of lakes.

10. Sajjangarh fort-

The Monsoon Palace is home to a great variety of Flora, Fauna and gives perfect Ariel clicks of the city of lakes. You need to be present there to witness the ultimate beauty.

This was just a short list of most camera-ready and Instagram worthy places in Udaipur. Trust me, you will capture the best clicks here!


Amenities worth 6 crore installed at Udaipur Railway Station

The city/Udaipur Railway station witnessed the installation of new facilities worth 6 crores INR for passengers traveling from Udaipur Railway station. The initiative was taken by Home Minister of Udaipur, Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria and Ajmer authorities of North Western Railways.

Facilities included two escalators, a lift and a platform for shade purpose. The escalators can carry approximately 100 passengers at a time with a speed of 0.5m/sec. The lift and escalators are equipped with ultra-modern technologies and in case of any failure during operation of escalators, automatic brakes are also installed for passengers’ safety. Apart from the brakes, the escalators have an emergency switch, overload detection, electromagnetic breaking, and handrail safety.

Installation of foot overbridge has been done between platform no. 2 and 3, which can carry 20 passengers at a time.

A solar plant of 100 kWp was also installed at platform no. 4 and 5 under Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the railways for 25 years. Now, Railways will have to pay only Rs. 5.5 per unit instead of Rs.7 per unit. Hence, this will be helpful as it will generate 4.48 lakh units per year saving 6.5 lakh Rupees.

That is definitely some good news for all the Udaipurites!!

What are your thoughts on having a more modernized railway station in Udaipur?


Best Areas to stay in Udaipur

Udaipur is undoubtedly city that attracts plenty of tourists throughout the year, so if you are heading to Udaipur, you would want to know about the best areas to stay in the city for accommodation.

Below is a list of different areas suitable for you  to stay:

1. Near Jagdish temple (old city):

For every traveler and curious person who loves to explore and wants to know about the culture and heritage of the city, then this is the perfect zone for you to stay. The narrow alleys, colorful shops, and the hustle bustle are an altogether different experience that makes you feel the vibe of the old city of Udaipur. The place has a whole lot of tourist attractions to visit which include City Palace, Jagdish temple, Gangaur Ghat.

Popular Hotels include:

Fateh Prakash Palace, Shiv Nivas Palace.

A view of the old city

2. Near Fateh Sagar Lake:

If you are vacationing in Udaipur with family and you haven’t visited Fateh Sagar lake yet, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of things.  A much better idea is to find an accommodation somewhere near lake Fateh Sagar. The calm atmosphere and cool breeze soothe your soul. One can enjoy the boat ride and a walk at Fateh Sagar lake.

Popular Lakeside hotels include:

The Lalit Laxmi Vilas, Hotel Lakend, Radisson blu, Hotel Swaroop Vilas Palace etc.

source: Getaroom India
View of Fateh Sagar Lake from The LaLiT

3. In the residential portion of the city (Hiran Magri):

Hiran Magri is the largest residential colony in Udaipur, further divided into sectors and is home to thousands of people. This area is recommended to tourists because it is quite safe, provides easy access to all the necessary things and has some really cheap hotels.

Some popular hotels are:

The Fern Residency (sec-3), Hotel Paras Mahal (sec-11), Meenakshi hotel (sec-5)

source: Hotel Paras Mahal

4. Near City Railway Station:

For tourists who prefer to travel by train or Bus to Udaipur, need not worry about the accommodation facility as there are enough hotels in that area at affordable prices. The tourist attractions and famous places to visit are also not very far.

Popular hotels include:

Hotel Le Roi, Hotel Vishnupria

source: Agoda

5. Hari Das Ji ki Magri, Mulla Talai:

Apart from its exquisite beauty and marvelous history, one thing that attracts tourists from all over the world towards this city is it’s luxurious and larger than life hotels, out of which some of them are located at Hari Das Ji Ki Magri. So, if you want to visit these illustrious hotels and experience their royal hospitality then you must choose your accommodation in this area.

Prominent Hotels include:

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Hotel Chunda Palace, Trident, Hotel Jaisingarh.

View from the Oberoi Udaivilas

6. Near Badi Lake:

Want your stay to be extremely private and peaceful, what better place to stay rather than Lake Badi. Located on the outskirts there are some very beautiful resorts. Some of the handpicked resorts are:

Shouryagarh Resort and Spa, The Royal Retreat, Amantra Shilpi resort, Park Exotica Resort.

source: Shouryagarh Resort and Spa

7. Near Lake Pichola:

Last but not the least, the most favorite destination of tourists, Lake Pichola is famous for innumerable reasons. Pichola lake area is surrounded by a budget to luxurious, all kinds of accommodation suitable for both domestic and international tourists. One can simply view the sunset, do photography and enjoy a boat ride. Some popular hotels that provide a stunning view of the Pichola lake are:

Jag Mandir Island Palace, Taj Lake Palace, The Leela Palace, Hotel Ambrai, Udai Kothi. 

Taj Lake Palace Hotel

(P.S. Most of these Hotels are always booked, so make sure that you do the respective pre-bookings)

This was our list of popular areas to stay in the city of lakes. Do tell us, what you think about this list? We would love to hear from you.

Places to Visit

Top 5 free things to do in Udaipur

The city of lakes is a tourist hub and has a lot to offer for people who love to explore and travel. This is a beginner’s guide for any traveller or tourist who wishes to visit Udaipur. Here are top 5 free things to do in Udaipur.

1. Begin your day by visiting Jagdish temple-

Nothing better than starting your day by visiting Jagdish Temple and paying respect to God. Located in the heart of the city, Jagdish temple is another architectural wonder by the Mewar Dynasty and is probably the most famous and oldest temple in the city. The temple stands tall at 79 ft high and gives the most stunning view of the old city. One should not miss the Aarti that takes place at every sunrise and sunset.


4:15am to 1pm.

5:15pm to 8pm.

Jagdish temple

2. Roaming around the local market-

A visit to a local market in the old city can be a perfect and altogether different experience for all the tourists and backpackers. The local market represents the tradition and rich culture of Mewar. The famous shopping items that can exclusively be found in old city market are handicrafts, paintings, leather products, journals, and diaries.

You can visit the local market at Hathi pole bazaar, Bada Bazaar, and Jagdish Temple street.

source: Travel triangle

3. Visit lake Pichola and Ambrai Ghat-

Undoubtedly, the most visited place in Udaipur by the tourists, Lake Pichola is surrounded by hills, magnificent temples and hotels. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset and alluring city lights.

Situated on the banks of Lake Pichola, Ambrai Ghat is a paradise for photographers. The best thing about Ambrai Ghat is that it gives the best view of the city from every direction. The place is often crowded on weekends. Best time to visit Ambrai Ghat is during sunset.

source: TripAdvisor
sunset view from ambrai ghat

4. Evening walk at Gulab Bagh Garden-

Spread over 100 acres of land, Gulab Bagh garden is the largest garden of Udaipur and it is heaven for all flora lovers. Approximately 3000 people visit the garden every day. There are dozens of activities one can do in the Garden. The best time to visit Gulab Bagh is during early morning or evening as the temperatures are comparatively cooler.

For all the avid readers, you can visit the historic Saraswati Bhawan library.

Gulab bagh garden and Saraswati library

5. Chilling at Fateh Sagar Lake-

What better way to end the day than spending an evening at Fateh Sagar lake. The lake looks stunning during the night and it attracts thousands of visitors during the day. If you are a coffee lover then you can spend the best time having coffee on the pal side and enjoy the cool breeze. The place is a lot of fun and crowded atmosphere makes you feel alive.

fatehsagar lake

This was our list of top five free things you can do in Udaipur. Do try it, trust me you won’t regret.

Feel free to share your opinion, we would love to hear from you.


Gurudwaras in Udaipur

Gurudwara is a place of worship for Sikhs. Although there are not many Gurudwaras in the town, the few we have are extremely beautiful and blessed. Let us discuss the Gurudwaras in Udaipur, Langar facility (communal free kitchen and food provided by Sikh community to all people), daily routine for offering prayers, accommodation facility and visiting hours.

So here is a list of 5 well-known Gurudwaras in the city:


1. Gurudwara Sachkhand Darbar:

Probably the most popular Gurudwara in town, commonly known as the ‘Sikh Colony, Gurudwara’. It was built after the partition period, where land was allotted by former Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. The Gurudwara has a pleasing architecture and can accommodate around 500 devotees at a time.

The daily routine for offering prayers: 6 am nitenam sahib path, 7:30 am kirtan (morning Darbar), Aarti 7 pm to 8 pm.

Visiting hours: 6 am to 10 pm.

Langar: Only on festive occasions.

Accommodation facility: Rs.500/- per day, room only for a family.

Contact: 9829719136, Ajit Singh.

Address: Sikh Colony, Near Kumharo ka Bhata Central Area, Udaipur.

2. Gurudwara Dukh Nivaran Darbar:

Situated in the locality of Sec 14, this Gurudwara is quite famous for its calm and soothing atmosphere. Many people also practice meditation in the peaceful climate of this place. The Gurudwara can easily gather a group of 350 to 400 disciples at a time.

The daily routine for offering prayers: Aarti 7 am to 8 am, Darbaar decoration 8 am to 9 am and Kirtan at 8 pm to 9 pm.

Visiting hours: 5 am to 10 pm.

Langar: Every Sunday and on all festive occasions.

Accommodation facility: Only for Granthis working there.

Contact: 9001999844, M.S. Wasal.

Address: Sector 14, opposite Suhalka Bhawan, Udaipur.


3. Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara:

Located in the centre of the city, Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara is the oldest in Udaipur and offered its first prayer in the year 1932. The ancient walls and architecture of this place gives a retro feel to the devotees and help them connect better. It also has a library which contains books that showcase the history of Sikh community and about their great valour.

The daily routine for offering prayers: 6 am nitenam sahib paath, 7:30 am kirtan 8 pm to 9 pm.

Visiting hours: 6 am to 9 pm.

Langar: Every Sunday and on all festive occasions.

Accommodation facility: Not available for outsiders.

Contact: 9314184715, Harbhajan Singh.

Address: Delhi Gate, near Gurunanak School, Udaipur.

4. Gurudwara Shri Guru Arjan Darbar:

It is one of the most important Gurudwaras in Udaipur, positioned in sector 11 locality of Udaipur. It was built 35-40 years back and since then almost all locals of the area visit the Gurudwara daily to seek blessings. The Gurudwara can accommodate around 500 people at a time.

The daily routine for offering prayers: Sukhmani Sahib path 5 am, kirtan 7 am and aarti 7 pm.

Visiting hours: 6 am to 10 pm.

Langar: Every Sunday and all festive occasions.

Accommodation facility: Not available for outsiders.

Address: Sector 11, near Alok School, Udaipur.


5. Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar:

Although situated in a narrow ally but with beautiful surroundings, this Sikh temple is dedicated to first Sikh Guru. The Gurudwara is often crowded on weekends with devotees from all places coming to worship.

Visiting hours: 5 am to 9 pm.

Langar: On Sundays and Sikh festive occasions.

Accommodation facility:  Not available for outsiders.

Address: C 53-56 class, Bohra Ganesh Rd, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur.

Contact: 9414940085, Salvinder Singh Ji.


These Gurudwaras are a matter of experience rather than description. We suggest all Udaipurites to visit them once.


          About the Series: ‘Places of Worship in Udaipur’

                            Motive behind carrying out the series

The series carries a sole motive of making the people of the city aware of the places of worship. The series has already covered ‘prominent Temples of the city ‘, ‘Churches of Udaipur’ and the third segment is ‘Gurudwaras in Udaipur’.

This information is collected from valid sources to form an article.

Feel free to contribute to this article, by sharing data of any Gurudwara we have missed.



Famous Weddings in Udaipur

Udaipur needs no introduction when it comes to travelling, vacations and when it comes to tying knots, the city is considered as one of the best locations in India for a destination wedding. People from all around the globe fly here to get hitched. The city of lakes is blessed with stupendous hotels, surrounded by beautiful lakes and hence it has become an attractive and popular wedding destination and what acts as a cherry on the cake is the city’s pleasant and calm weather. This has caught the eyes of many celebrities and Public figures and since then the City has been the venue of several high-profile weddings and celebrations.

So here is a list of few famous and royal weddings that took place in Venice of the East:

  1. Raveena Tandon’s Wedding:


Raveena Tandon tied the knot with movie distributor Anil Thadani in the year 2004. The sangeet ceremony and Mehendi ritual took place at Shiv Niwas Palace hotel and the venue for the wedding was the illustrious Jag Mandir Palace hotel. The guest list included prominent bollywood celebrities and other famous personalities.

  1. Praful Patel Daughter (Niyati’s Wedding):

The wedding of the former Union civil aviation minister’s daughter rolled at Jag Mandir, Udaipur. Famous Politicians and celebrities also flew down to attend the wedding.

  1. Puru Sethia’s Wedding:

    source: udaipurblog

The grand wedding of UK based businessman Puru Sethia that took place in India’s wedding Capital, Udaipur witnessed a series of events starting from 21st November to 24th November. It was a star-studded event where American International singer Akon performed alongside Priyanka Chopra and other artists include Kailash Kher, Raja Hasan, and DJ Aqeel.

The series of events took place at Manek chowk, Jag Mandir, Devi Gargh and Zanana Mahal.

You can read more about this here.

  1. Sanjay Hinduja’s Wedding:

    source: The bridal box

It is said to be as one of the sumptuous and lavish weddings to happen in Udaipur. The wedding became talk to the town in no time. The major functions and ceremonies took place at the Prestigious Jag Mandir Palace. From Bollywood to Business personalities, you name it and they were present there. Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Manish Malhotra, Raveena Tandon, Shilpa Shetty made their presence.

International music sensation JLO (Jennifer Lopez) also performed there. She even posted a picture on Instagram while enjoying her boat ride in Lake Pichola.

  1. Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar’s Wedding:

A royal and historic wedding in its true senses of the Prince of Udaipur who tied the knot with Princess Nivritti Kumari Singh Deo of Patna Balangir was a much-anticipated affair. The wedding reception took place at Shikarbadi, Udaipur. It was no less than a festival as the whole city was lit up. Various musicians, Bollywood celebs, and international personalities attended the royal wedding.

  1. Neil Nitin Mukesh’s Wedding:

    source: India Today

The latest wedding in the list that took place on 9th February 2017 in the city of lakes where Bollywood Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh got hitched with Rukmani Sahay at Radisson Blu Palace Resort & spa. It was a three-day extravaganza and the occasion was graced by many Bollywood celebrities. Famous singer of Udaipur Priyansh Paliwal also performed at the Sangeet ceremony.


Udaipur is definitely the wedding capital of India and for every Udaipurite out there, it is a proud moment as people choose this city to celebrate such a precious and big day of their lives.


List of prominent schools in Udaipur

Udaipur city is well known for its majestic beauty and royal history. But not many people know Udaipur city is home to some of the great schools. Every parent wants their child to get into the best school which provide the best education and all-round development.

So, here’s presenting you a list of best schools in Udaipur for the academic year 2017-18.

1. Maharana Mewar Public School-

source: justdial
maharana mewar public school

Established in 1974, MMPS is located in the heart of the city i.e. City Palace. This is one of the best schools in Udaipur as it holds a great record not only in academics but also in physical education. MMPS is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The school is from 6th to 12th grade and offers Science, commerce, and arts as main streams. You should not give a second thought while considering this school for your student.

Facilities: library, hostels, gymnasium, music room, dance rooms, dispensary.

Branches: Maharana Mewar Vidya Mandir, Ambamata temple road.

Address: City Palace Complex, near Jagdish Mandir, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-2419021, 0294-2529880.


 2. St. Paul’s School, Udaipur-

source: My Udaipur City
St. Paul’s School

St. Paul’s School was founded in 1953. Initially the school was only for boys but later on, it became co-educational. The school is famous for its discipline and also engages the students in a variety of co-curricular activities for their intellectual and physical development. Courses offered are science and commerce. The school is currently affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi. The total strength of both boys and girls is 3275.

Every Paulian must read this.

Facilities: library, badminton court, volleyball court, CCTV surveillance.

Address:  St. Paul’s School, Bhopalpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact: 0294-2526176, 0294-5131018


3. St. Marys Convent Sr. Sec. School (Fatehpura), Udaipur-

St. May’s Fatehpura

One of the oldest school in Udaipur, St. Marys convent school (fatehpura) was established in 1950 with just 12 students. The school runs in a modern building with amnesties and makes learning enjoyable for students. It offers education from class nursery to 12th and is affiliated to CBSE.

If you are a Marian then you can definitely relate to this.

Facilities: library, computer block & science block (under construction), basketball court.

Branches: St. Marys Convent School, Teetadi

Address: new fatehpura, Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Contact: 0294-2419626


4. Delhi Public School, Udaipur-

source: justdial
Dps Udaipur

DPS is the largest school chain in India. The school opened its branch in the city of lakes in the year 2007. It is a dream school for every student as it provides ample opportunities and exposure required by a student. DPS, Udaipur is affiliated to CBSE and offers streams like Commerce, Science, and Arts.

Facilities: hostel, Swimming pool, dance rooms, music rooms, health check-up.

Address: Bhuwana Pratap nagar Bye-pass, NH-8, Udaipur, 313001.

Contact: 0294-2442903, +919928011961


5. St. Anthony’s Sr. Sec. School (sector-4), Udaipur-

St. Anthony’s sector-4 (left)
goverdhan vilas (right)

St. Anthony’s society was founded in 1980 by Mr. Albin and Mrs. Sybil Dsouza. The school’s name is always in headlines because of dozens of achievements accomplished by students. Anthony’s is affiliated to CBSE and offers Commerce and Science as its main streams. The school is for students from nursery to 12th grade.

Facilities: library, gymnasium, music room.

Branches: St. Anthony’s Sr. Sec. School, Sector-14, Goverdhan Vilas.

Address: 478-480, Sector-4, hiran magri, Udaipur.

Contact: 0294-2462388


 6. Central Academy School, Sardarpura, Udaipur-

source: meritnation
Central Academy, sardarpura

Central Academy School has the largest no. of branches in Udaipur city and the biggest and best of them is the ‘sardarpura’ branch. The school is affiliated to CBSE and classes begin from nursery to 12th standard.

Facilities: library, music room, dance room etc.

Branches: Central Academy Sector-4, Sector-3, Ambamata

Address: 219A, Sardarpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact: 0294-2526170


7. Ryan International School, Udaipur-

Ryan International

This school is the talk of the town these days. Ryan International established its branch in Udaipur in the year 2012 and aims to implant values such as tolerance, compassion, and integrity in its students. The school offers French as an additional language and is affiliated to CBSE.

Facilities: smart classroom, library, music room, dance room.

Address: Goverdhan vilas, housing board colony, Opposite Rajasthan hospital, Sec-14, hiran magri, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-5138006/08, 0294-2482990/991


8. The Study School, Udaipur-

source: my udaipur city
The Study School

The best part about The Study School is that it is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the foothills of the Aravalli ranges, near badi lake. The school not only focuses on academic excellence but also on other aspects of life. The schools offer education from class nursery to 12th.

Facilities: 50% classrooms are digitized for smart learning, music room, dance room, football and cricket ground, Athletic tracks, library.

Branches: The Junior Study, SH-50, Ambamata.

Address: Village and post badi, Tehsil girva district, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-2453569,0294-2431825.


9.Seedling Modern Public school, Udaipur-

source: our ciulture
Seedling Modern Public School

Seedling school is affiliated to both CBSE, New Delhi and international Cambridge board. In addition to academic facilities, it also provides activities for the overall development of students like fairs where students open up their own stalls.

Facilities: library, smart classes, health and medical care.

Branches: Seedling school nursery branch, Punjawati, bhuwana road, near Celebration Mall.

Address: Pratapura Sapetia, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-5130501, 9928851305.


10. Alok School, Hiran Magri branch, Udaipur-

source: alok sansthan
Alok School. Sector 11

Alok institution was founded on June 29, 1967. It functions from nursery grade till 12th grade and follows CBSE pattern of teaching. The school has various other branches in and out of Udaipur city.

Facilities: hostel, digital classroom, football ground, swimming pool, library.

Branches: Alok School, fatehpura, and Panchawati.

Address: Hiran Magri, Sector 11, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-2583488, 2489176/177


11. MDS-

source: MDS school . MDS pratap naagar

MDS was established in 1996 under Smt. Mohan Devi Somani memorial trust. The School recently made history as a student named ‘Kalpit Veerwal’ scored 360/360 in JEE Mains examination held last year. MDS is famous for fetching extraordinary results from ordinary students. The school has integrated with Resonance and is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

Facilities: Basketball ground, CCTV surveillance, Football ground.

Branches: MDS sector 3, Udaipur.

Address: MDS School, Rebario ka gudda, old RTO road, Dheekli road, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-2462523, 2462100.


12. CPS (Central Public School)-

source: CPS School

The main focus of CPS is to provide quality education to its students. The school is very advanced in terms of teaching and all-round development of a student. The classes begin from nursery to 12th. The school follows CBSE board pattern.

Facilities: hostels, digital classroom, Music rooms.

Address: New Bhopalpura, Kharakua, Udaipur, 313001.

Contact: 0294-2415641.



13. Rockwoods High School-

source: rockwoods school

Rockwoods High School is officially the first school to introduce Cambridge international examinations i.e international board in the city of lakes. The school is equipped with all the modern amnesties and it has got some really good reviews.

Facilities: Digital classrooms, badminton court, volleyball court, football ground.

Address: Rockwoods High School, Chitrakoot Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: +91 9602771911, 9828331641


14. Heritage Girls School-

source: heritage school

Established in 2014, Heritage girls school as the name suggests is a boarding school only for girls, affiliated to both CBSE, New Delhi and Cambridge International Examination (CIE), United Kingdom. The school has an extraordinary infrastructure and Udaipur is blessed to have this school in the city.

Facilities: Air-conditioned Campus, swimming pool, fitness center, squash, badminton and tennis court, athletic track.

Address: NH-8, EklingJi, Udaipur, 313001

Contact: +91 9414043407, 8209958653.


15. G.D. Goenka International School, Udaipur-

source: GD Goenka

This list would be incomplete without including G.D Goenka international School. It is a large chain of schools with over 41 branches in India. The school is day-boarding as well as residential and is affiliated to CBSE.

Facilities: Swimming pool, Athletics track, basketball court, horse riding arena, yoga and meditation.

Address: G.D Goenka International School, Fernio ka Gurha Badi, Udaipur.

Contact: +917726009966/67


16. St. Gregorios Sr. Sec. School-


An English medium Co-educational Sr. Secondary School, affiliated to the C.B.S.E. New Delhi, started its journey on 15th January in 1980. It has a total strength of 2995 students, from both primary and secondary classes. The school has a teaching staff of 83 and 35 domestic staff members.

Facilities: Swimming Pool, Dance Rooms, Gymnasium, Music Rooms, Hostels

Address: P.B.No 172, Khara Kuan, New Bhupalpura

Contact: 0294-2413801


This was our list of prominent schools in Udaipur. What do you think? We would love to hear from you.

Places to Visit

Shopping Malls in Udaipur

As we all know Udaipur city is famous for its rich culture and heritage, but the city is also a perfect destination for shopaholics and for people with urban taste. The city has some beautiful malls providing extraordinary facilities under one roof. One can hop in the malls for gaming, chilling, eating, watching a movie and for various other purposes. The tourists can also visit the Malls in the daytime because it’s too hot to travel in the afternoon.

So here is a list of few Shopping Malls in Udaipur:

1. Celebration Mall

source: youtube
celebration mall

Celebration Mall is currently the biggest mall in the city with over 100+ stores. The credit for its lavish architecture and design goes to Nimish Patel and Parul Zaveri who are the designers of Oberoi Udaivilas. The Mall introduced us to McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway, PVR cinemas and international stores. One may never realize how time passes in the mall.

The mall is also graced with unique themes on different festivals.

Address: NH-8, Bhuwana, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Visiting Hours: 11am to 10pm

2. Lake City Mall

source: TripAdvisor
Lake City Mall

Located in the center of the city, the mall is home to KFC, Pizza Hut, and Inox cinemas. It has a rooftop restaurant which gives a stunning view of the city. Tourists can also make their stay comfortable by staying in the luxurious ‘Radisson Green’ which is in the mall.

Address: Ashok Nagar, University Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Visiting hours: 10am to 10pm

3. R Kay Mall

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R kay Mall

This was the first mall in the city and it attracted people towards the mall culture in Udaipur. R kay mall is a famous shopping destination with stores like Westside, Biba, FabIndia etc and it also has a food court which is quite popular among the localities.

Address: Panchwati, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Visiting hours: 11am to 10pm

4. Arvanah- The Shopping Destination

Arvana Mall

Opened in mid-2016, Arvana mall offers 24,000sq. feet of continuous entertainment, food, and shopping. It is both commercial and a shopping complex. The mall has a rooftop dining which gives the beautiful view of city palace and Pichola lake. The mall’s name was later changed to Arvanah.

Address: Hathipole main road, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Visiting hours: 11am to 10pm

 5. Urban Square

elevation of Urban Square

Although the mall is currently undergoing construction, it is said to be the ‘Largest mall in Rajasthan’. The mall is being constructed over an area of 23.5 lakh square feet, which is massive. It is going to be a blend of Indian and European style shopping. The soon to be mall will include hotels, banquets, 6 screen multiplexes, restaurant etc. This will surely change the face of Udaipur.

Places to Visit

The Story Behind Jag Mandir Palace, Udaipur

Jag Mandir Island Palace is an architectural marvel which in true senses contributes to the beauty of Udaipur. The property comes under HRH group (Historic Resorts and Hotels) which is owned by Shree Arvind Singh Ji Mewar. It is a beautiful Palace located on the southern island of Lake Pichola. It is a major tourist attraction especially for the foreigners and its famous hosting for big fat and lavish Indian weddings. Jag Mandir Palace is commonly called as ‘Lake Garden Palace’.

One can visit Jag Mandir only through a boat. The hotel includes few rooms, café, artistic restaurants, bar, and spa. You can enjoy your buffet dinner and get lost in the soothing atmosphere of the surroundings.

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A still of Jag Mandir in the night

But do you know how and when Jag Mandir Palace was built and who built it?

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maharana Amar Singh

The construction of Jag Mandir began in 1551 by Maharana Amar Singh and later succeeded by Maharana Karan Singh (1620-1628) and finally the construction was completed by Maharana Jagat Singh I in 1652 and for this reason, it was named ‘Jag Mandir’ in the honor of Maharana Jagat Singh.

Structure of Jag Mandir

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Elephant statues at Jag Mandir

Jag Mandir is a three-storied deluxe palace made of marble and yellow sandstone in Mughal and Rajputana architecture. Life-sized carvings of Elephant statues add to the majestic beauty of Jag Mandir Palace.

The courtyard has a flower garden setup which includes bougainvillea, jasmine, palm trees, jasmine, and roses. The garden also has a marble fountain in the center.

The Palace also has a museum called Jagriti museum which showcases the royal history of Mewar.

Visiting hours: 10 am to 6 pm

Entry fees for Jag Mandir: Rs.400 per person adult (between 10 am to 2 pm).

Rs.700 per person (after 2 pm).

How to reach: Because Jag Mandir is located on an island, it is accessible only by boat. The boats depart from Jetty near City Palace.

Lunch: Rs. 1217 per thaali.

Dinner: Rs. 3200 for a couple (A-la-carte).

Contact information: 

Boat ride: 0294-2528016

For reservations: 0294-2424186/187/188


Every Udaipurite should visit this mesmerizing place once and for all the tourists out there, add this Palace on your Wish list so that you can visit it on your next trip to Udaipur.